AK and OGB make a gratuitous platform for the exchange of winter sports articles available. At four different locations on four weekends, winter sports articles can be bought and sold. The Exchange finals in the int. Exhibition and Convention Center Salzburg is traditionally the largest event of this series of events.

In recent years, the AK / OGB-sharing networks were a huge success. Thousands of visitors brought about 200,000 winter sports articles to the swap exchange: ski, skating shoes, snowboards, touring ski, toboggans, ski cross-country equipment, ski helmets and winter sports clothing for all ages.

Anyone who has used winter sports equipment at home, which although intact, simply does not fit or is no longer needed, can bring that to our swap meets. This year there will also be technical-professional sports advice during the winter sports exchanges.

Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte
Markus-Sittikus-Straße 10
5020 Salzburg,  AUSTRIA


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