Facts & Figures

The Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Center comprises ten exhibition halls, 39,257 m² of exhibition area, several foyers, 21,777 m² of outdoor exhibition area, a new conference area for conventions and congresses, as well as the Salzburgarena. It is therefore the perfect venue for any event.

The exhibition halls of the Salzburg Exhibiton and Congress Center
The ten exhibition halls are arranged in a ring and have areas between 1,860 m² and 15,165 m² and heights between 5.6 m and 9 m; they can be combined variably and rented separately.
The new congress hall at the Exhibition and Congress Center Salzburg has an area of over 15,000 m². The hall is divisible into nine segments, each of which can be used separately. Another nine exhibition halls are located at the exhibition site and  can also be combined variably. Thanks to the connection with the Salzburgarena, another 2,545 m² are available for your event.
Halls Total area in m²
Hall 1 2,529 m²
Hall 2 2,933 m²
Hall 3 1,860 m²
Hall 4 2,172 m²
Hall 5 1,958 m²
Hall 6 2,877 m²
Hall 7 2,235 m²
Hall 8 2,768 m²
Hall 9 2,215 m²
Hall 10 (9-fold divisible) 15,165 m²
Total hall area 36,712 m²
Salzburgarena (inner ring) 2,545 m²
Total 39,257 m²

Basic Technical Equipment

  • Power connections: total site area 4,200 KW
  • Total power output up to max. 5,000 KW
  • Individual halls: 250 W/ m² (in tight grids); higher connection values possible if requested
  • Water and wastewater connections available throughout the whole grid
  • Cutting edge communication system
  • Data cabling with app. 50 connections per hall
  • Free Wi-Fi >Messe surft!
  • Digital visitor guidance system
  • Turnstiles (Skidata)