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General information about Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre ​​​​​​​

Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre is the perfect venue for a whole range of events. There are 10 halls, 39,257m² of exhibition space, large and bright foyers, 65.665 m² of available outdoor space, the seamlessly linked-up Salzburgarena and the modern congress and meeting area.

Social Responsibility

  • Accessibility is a big issue at Messezentrum Salzburg.

    We do our very best to meet and exceed the standards required. The exhibition centre has been fitted with barrier-free entrances and access points for visitors with restricted mobility. The ring-shaped arrangement of the halls ensures distances between the halls are kept to a minimum!

    • Disabled-friendly facilities
      The expo complex was designed to consider access for people with various degrees of disability. Roads, concourses and entrances are all more or less on one level, with no steps to be navigated to reach access points. The meeting rooms on the first floor can be easily reached in a number of lifts.
    • Disabled-friendly parking facilities
      There are plenty of parking spaces for guests with a restricted degree of mobility. They are situated right outside the entrances at P1, P5, P7 and P8.
    • Disabled-friendly cloakrooms and toilets
      There is also barrier-free access to our disabled-friendly toilets for guests in wheelchairs.
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    plan view of all our barrier-free facilities
  • We care about sustainability

    Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are issues of great significance for us. They begin with the tasks of employers, involve waste separation at events, and don’t stop with the implementation of effective energy-saving measures all around the complex. In cooperating with suppliers, as well as insisting on the best quality, above all we make sure that transport routes are as short as possible - to keep C0² emissions to a minimum.

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility measures include:


    • All events held at Messezentrum Salzburg and in the Salzburgarena can be attended conveniently by using public transport. Cooperation with Salzburg AG enables visitors to ride to and from fairs at the venue, and events organised by Messezentrum Salzburg GmH, free of charge.
    • If required, a shuttle bus service is organised to take visitors parking at the nearby football stadium in Kleßheim to and from the expo complex.
    • On site at the exhibition centre there are two charging stations for electric cars. More information can be found HERE.


    • Messezentrum Salzburg sources exclusively green electricity from Salzburg AG. This power is generated by small local hydroelectric power plants in the Salzburg region.
    • There are photovoltaic panels mounted to some of the expo hall rooftops.
    • Daylight in the expo halls generates a pleasant atmosphere and helps to reduce electricity consumption.
    • All spots and strip lights are fitted with fluorescent lamps.
    • There are motion sensors in the corridors, hallways and toilets to avoid power consumption when facilities are not in use.
    • All ventilation and air conditioning systems have been fitted with heat retrieval technology.


    • Water is used sparingly due to the installation of water-saving taps in most of the toilets and washrooms.
    • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used to reduce groundwater pollution.

    Waste disposal

    • There are special waste container islands all around the expo complex to allow waste to be disposed of according to type.
    • Experienced waste disposal professionals provide expert support with waste separation tasks.


    • Regionally grown and seasonally produced goods from certified suppliers are given priority when catering for guests at exhibitions, trade fairs, congresses and events. This cuts down the transportation distances, thus minimising CO² emissions and ensuring that all food arrives on the visitor’s plate in a pristine condition.
  • environmentally friendly planning and implementation

    Many of our guests are very conscientious and responsible in terms of the environment and the use of natural resources – but at events they often have no way of influencing practices. Events bearing the ‘Green Meeting’ and ‘Green Event’ EcoLabels provide visitors with exactly these choices.

    Messezentrum Salzburg is an Austrian EcoLabel license holder for Green Meetings and Green Events. Hence, we can help you to certify your event according to EcoLabel criteria. We would be delighted to assist you with the planning and implementation of an environmentally friendly event.


    Events that bear the ‘Green Meeting’ or ‘Green Event’ badge can show that the organisers are highly responsible and demonstrate an environmentally sustainable approach to the following:

    • Regional profit generation and social responsibility
    • Guests travel to and from the fair by environmentally friendly means
    • Guests are catered for with environmentally sustainable products
    • Regionally, seasonally and organically-produced foods for all forms of catering
    • Low-resource-consumption material management and environmentally friendly purchasing
    • Avoid waste and guarantee environmentally friendly waste disposal

    Organisers of ‘Green Meetings’ and ‘Green Events’ are expected to meet a variety of criteria that can be checked with a software application especially created for the task.

    Our employees are given specialised training to ensure these criteria are adhered to. As well as the benefits for the environment, these measures guarantee our guests also enjoy a very pleasant show.

    Your contacts for green meetings and events:
    Theresa Wimmer (MA)

Further services and important information

  • High quality regional products

    SV Österreich is our chosen catering service provider at Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre. The company offers the benefits of vast experience in the sector, provides a broad portfolio of culinary services and serves up a wide variety of foods and beverages for public access shows and private company gatherings, for shows at the Salzburgarena, exhibitions, trade fairs and congresses. There’s full-service catering at your expo booth, special booth parties, catering for meetings, congresses, press conferences and receptions – all the way to the culinary sophistication expected at galas, corporate evenings and Christmas celebrations.

    The SV Group cares about service quality and works closely with local producers and suppliers to keep transport journeys to a minimum – to guarantee all food is 100% fresh, and to reduce environmental pollution. It makes good sense to support local farmers, growers and producers – after all, questions about the origin, quality and regional source of our food are also becoming increasingly important for restaurants and caterers.

    Alongside the available mobile catering operations, we also offer the following permanent fixtures:

    • Hall 1: No.1 Bistro
    • Hall 4: No.1 Bistro
    • Hall 5: No.5 Bistro
    • Hall 9: No.9 Bistro
    • Hall 10: No.10 Bistro
    • Hall 1 on the 1st floor: Restaurant
    • Salzburgarena: 2 bars in the main foyer
    • Salzburgarena: 1-2 bars in the ‘Salzach foyer’
    • Salzburgarena: Bistro & bar on the 1st floor
    • Salzburgarena: VIP area on the 2nd floor

    Opening times and the range of food available can be tailored to the event.

    Your contact:

    Birngruber Gastronomie GmbH
    T: +43 6232 36 0 93

  • Not all of the entrances will be open at every event.

    • Entrance 1
    • Entrance 3
    • Entrance 4
    • Entrance 9
    • Entrance 10
    • Entrance Salzburgarena

    Please be aware that not all of the entrances will be open at every event. Exact information is provided on the website of the event in question.

  • Diaper-changing tables and guidelines for children under 14 years

    Children under 14 years of age may only enter in the company of an adult.
    There are nappy/diaper-changing tables in the following toilet and washroom facilities:

    • Entrance 1
    • Basement below halls 7/8 and 8/9
    • In the toilet/washroom facilities in hall 10
  • The distribution of ATMs in the Messezentrum Salzburg

    There is an ATM outside the entrance to hall 1 and one in the foyer outside hall 10

  • Signposted smoking areas outside the buildings

    According to Austrian Law, smoking inside all areas of the expo facility is prohibited. There are signposted smoking areas outside the buildings.

  • Dogs and other animals are not permitted

    Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the grounds of the complex or in the buildings. Exceptions shall only be made when explicitly signposted at entrances and ticket windows.

    Dogs excepted from the ban must nevertheless be muzzled and kept on a lead at all times.

  • Messe surft!

    Visitors to the Messezentrum Salzburg GmbH expo complex and grounds enjoy simple and free internet access.

    The WLAN service is called >Messe surft! and starts via an initial registration mask on the screen – no registration code required. This enables users to activate the internet connection themselves whenever necessary.

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